"The Voice", Inc.

Here's a little more about who we are

Our Vision

A family unit is the most historical fundamental social unit around the world. Home is where lives are shaped and developed. As family life changes, statistics show that family units are also disintegrating. This phenomenon is impacting the society at large. "The Voice", Incorporated believes strongly in the value of the family connection. Our vision is to see a reconnection of the family through the changed lives of our children. 

Our Mission

To impact, empower and enrich the community by providing a variety of social programs that will enhance the quality of life and revive the family connection.

Our Goals and Objectives

To strengthen the family and the community by providing a variety of resources that will equip children and families with the tools they need to be successful in different aspects of their lives. This will empower them to make a positive change in their immediate families and respective neighborhoods/community.

Our Team


Bernard Buhl



Pamela Cotton



Michelle Jones

Administrative Secretary